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[dowling] I was exchanging emails with a friend the other day who asked me a great question - given that the PSP and DS have sold approximately the same number of units, are there any differences in who bought them? Fortunately, I work for a company that has a lot of data, so I called one of my analysts and here is what I learned. The Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS have penetrated approximately 9% of U.S. gaming households. Both systems are owned by more males than females, although, the PSP skews more male - 82% of PSP owners are male versus 76% for the DS. The DS is favored by the younger and older ends of the gamer age scale, while the PSP is slighly more popular among those between the ages of 18 and 35 Dspsp_1 (figure 1). Not surprisingly, PSP owners tend to own a PS2 (44%) more than any other system. However, interesting to note, a sizable 32% of PSP owners own an Xbox and only 4% own a Nintendo Gamecube. What's really interesting is when you look at which handheld is preferred by different console owners. Gamers that own a PS2 are no more likely than the average gamer to own a PSP as they are a DS. However, owners of Xbox are twice as likely to own a PSP and one-and-a-half times as likely to own a DS. This suggests that Xbox owners are perhaps more early adopters, slightly more engaged gamers and definitely interested in taking their gameplay experience with them. One other statistic that blew me away was that gamers who play MMO games are almost three times as likely to own either handheld, which wasn't the case with the Gameboy. Could this mean that the promise of extending the MMO experience beyond the home is near? It's possible - hopefully developers aren't too busy with next-gen games that they can't come up with some creative ways to marry the two. There is certainly an opportunity to do so.


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