Konami's Achy Breaky Heart

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Kara_1Konami Digital Entertainment has partnered with country music network CMT for its latest "Karaoke Revolution" videogame, which ships for PlayStation 2 in March. In a sign that gaming is definitely becoming more mainstream, the popular videogame franchise will feature 35 greatest hits from country music. Some of the songs included are "The Gambler," "Stand By Your Man," "All My Exes Live in Texas," "I Like It I Love It," "Redneck Woman," "Good Ol' Boys," and "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)."

CMT is the latest TV network to get involved in videogames. MTV has had a number of licensed videogames on the market over the years, but that network caters to a younger demographic that overlaps nicely with gamers. While country music has become more mainstream, it still skews older than MTV. CMT will be promoted both on the box art and in the gameplay. Konami is expected to promote the new game on the network, as well.

"Karaoke Revolution" has managed to attract a wide arrange of fans over the years. It's one of just a handful of Japanese titles, like Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" franchise, that has garnered a large following on these shores. Karaoke, dance games and a variety of musical instrument games have been staples in Japan for years. When you walk into a Tokyo arcade or electronics store, there are a variety of games that are huge over there that don't translate well in the U.S.

The blending of American country music with a Japanese karaoke game shows how far gaming has come. PlayStation 2s are everywhere these days, including in the homes of middle America and the south, where country music tends to be most popular.

CMT is America's most popular country music network reaching more than 78 million households.  Established more than 20 years ago, CMT reaches 84% of US households via basic cable, digital and satellite platforms. As part of the partnership, CMT will feature "Karaoke Revolution Country" through integrated television and online programming and promotions.

The new game, which is the first in the series to focus on a specific music genre, allows up to eight people to participate in a variety of party-style games. Two players at a time can perform duets, as they sing into the microphone and their voices are matched to in-game intonation measurements. In addition to selecting one of the in-game avatars, players can use the EyeToy to put themselves on the virtual stage.


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