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We’ve heard Sony is hosting a 3rd-party powwow tomorrow in Japan. This wouldn’t be of note except that we’ve heard rumors Ken Kutaragi, who is scheduled to address the conference.

Now, they don’t just roll out the father of the PlayStation to talk polygons and frame-rates with programmer geeks, so we’re betting we’ll hear some juicy new details on PS3…

Slowdown: So What?

Such is the tradition of American mass media, that they love to pile on a negative story, especially when it entails a fall from grace by a popular or powerful entity.

That is how the current malaise in the videogame industry, wrought by the console transition, is being painted in certain circles. There have been uniformed comments made on the business TV channels, while sound bites on mainstream news coverage say the industry is soft.

The commentary. The assumptions are, quite frankly, laughable. While indeed NPD’s February numbers show sales were down 13% in January, that ignores the fact that portable sales have been exceptionally strong.

As long as the generation who grew up with gaming (those in their early 40’s and younger) continue to get older, those peaks and valleys in the videogame hardware cycle will continue to look more like stair-steps, than a wave pattern.

EA Translates 1st Song to Simlish

Need further evidence of gaming’s penetration into pop culture?

A song by legendary alternative rock band Depeche Mode has been translated into EA’s The Sims’ native Simlish language for the first time ever. ‘Suffer Well,’ from their ‘Playing the Angel’ album, has been recorded in Simlish and will be made available to fans through “The Sim’s 2 Open for Business.”   

The Sims development team created Simlish by experimenting with fractured Ukrainian and Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Inspired by the code talkers of WWII, Sims creator Will Wright also reportedly suggested experimenting with Navajo. 

Lead singer David Gahan, said, “Depeche Mode has always been open to new ways of sharing our music, but re-recording a Simlish-language version of ‘Suffer Well’ just sounded completely bizarre. Of course, that’s why couldn’t resist doing it.”


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