"Entourage" Promotes EA Games

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EntourageHBO's hit series, "Entourage," which offers an inside look at young Hollywood, has had a great relationship with Electronic Arts. Last season, an entire episode revolved around Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) entering a videogame competition to play "Fight Night Round 3" on Xbox. Microsoft's console has been prominantly placed throughout the series. This season, the cast's mansion has been upgraded to include an Xbox 360. The most recent episode, "Three's Company," featured Drama (Played by Kevin Dillon) playing EA's "The Godfather" game. The show included a full-screen clip from the game featuring a virtual Marlon Brando and a virtual Kevin Dillon. Gameplay was also featured and the cast talked about Drama playing the game all day long. It's this kind of smart integration of videogames into traditional media that works seamlessly.

There's currently no hotter show on TV than "Entourage," which has especially caught on with the younger MTV crowd. Executive producer Mark Wahlberg has based the show on real-life experiences. With the number of celebrity launch parties for big games and new consoles, the mix of Hollywood and celebrities is a mainstay in real life. Integrating this into the show works brialliantly. Most young actors grew up playing games. With a lot of free time on and off the set, gaming is a big part of a lot of actors' and entourages' life.

Microsoft and EA have fashioned a relationship with the show to not just promote a new game or console, but to make it hip and cool. Both of the abovementioned episodes were hilarious. Gaming culture was interweaved with humorous situations or spot-on dialogue. It's obvious the writers and actors are into games. This is another example of how gaming culture, and people in Hollywood who are a part of it, can successfully translate that culture into TV.

Videogames are a part of Hollywood. "Entourage" will likely remain a show that interweaves games into future plot lines. HBO has asked for additional shows, because viewership has risen over the past few seasons. One way to keep the show both "real" and "hip" is to continue to blur the Hollywood culture into the show's story lines. Videogames are a big part of this convergence.


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