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LeipzigThe Leipzig Games Convention held its annual event in Germany the same week that Scotland hosted its Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival. Next up is the Tokyo Game Show. Despite these big shows, Nintendo has decided to use New York City as the place for its Wii launch announcments on September 14. This means U.S. gamers won't have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show to find out when Nintendo's new system will hit store shelves. The fact that Nintendo is using its own event in NYC to announce this could serve as a harbinger of future gaming events post-E3.

The German show, which will likely become a bit more relevant next year in the wake of the new E3, basically had a few soccer announcements for Xbox 360. Microsoft used the event to showcase its upcoming PC and Xbox 360 games for the European audience. There wasn't much news generated for the U.S., especially with TGS coming at the end of September. Sony will use that event as the staging ground for some of its PS3 plans, although a separate U.S.-specific event is expected before the November 17 launch, as well.

The Consumer Electronic Association will host its first meeting to discuss the future in this post-E3 world September 13 in Marina del Rey. There's the possibility of the group, which has seen CES grow to exponential proportions over the years, to host a separate West Coast show catered to game companies in the may or June time fram.

Another possibility in the post-E3 landscape is that the new potential CES game show could partner with what was once the VSDA show, which itself was combines with the IEMA Summit this past July. That would certainly make the new replacement for E3 in LA a formidable show with entertainment from videogame, home video and electronics companies.


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