Vivendi Games Unveils "Scarface" Soundtrack

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Scarface_3 Vivendi Games is gearing up for the fall release of "Scarface: The World Is Yours," which will ship for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 a full year late. But with a brand like "Scarface," which resonates today with a whole new audience, that shouldn't be much of an issue, assuming the game is good. As is the case with any game these days, a solid soundtrack is an important part of its marketing. The interactive sequel to the award-winning film will feature licensed music from the film soundtrack as well as the original score by Giorgio Moroder. In addition, the game will feature new music not featured in the film from a variety of musical genres.

The music in "Scarface" has actually been incorporated into the actual gameplay through a Mix Tape feature. Players will be able to select from a number of playlists with licensed songs or create their own. It's this music that will be heard while they play the game. Music will come from the '80s, '90s and today with artists like Debbie Harry, RUN DMC, Johnny Cash, Judas Priest, Billy Ocean, Iggy Pop, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Peter Tosh, and Rick James contributing licensed songs for the game.

One issue that Vivendi faces with "Scarface," especially on the musical front, was the fact that Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" not only features dozens of licensed songs from the same era, Rockstar released a seven-disc boxed set of the music from the game. Some of the songs from that game were from the "Scarface" movie soundtrack.

Music is an integral part of the videogame experience today, and this will only grow more important as next generation consoles open the door for consumers to download music they like from a game straight to their console. The convergence of Hollywood and games and music and games comes together on one game disc with "Scarface," which is sure to attract a large following of both hardcore and casual gamers this fall (again, assuming the extra year of development time has resulted in a better game).


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