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AntA new videogame site has been launched that offers cell phone gamers free mobile games. has over 100 free games in the retro, action, casino, puzzle and sports games categories available for free download. While most of the games are variations on popular genres, the site does include the free mobile game based on Warner Bros. "The Ant Bully" movie. is run by Greystripe, the first mobile in-game advertising network, which offers free games in exchange for short advertising clips that run when a player turns on the game and again when he or she turns off the game.

Greystripe has partnered with mobile game publisher Alten8 to add 38 new free mobile games to its site. That brings the total number of partner publishers to 18. Made possible through Greystripe’s proprietary AdWRAP for Publishers (AFP) technology, the games will be “wrapped” with advertising content from leading global brands, allowing free mobile game downloads for consumers and generating revenue for game publishers.

“Our alliance with Alten8 is a great addition to the game collection and is keeping the site fresh and exciting,” said Greystripe CEO Michael Chang “With so many games available, there’s simply no reason for consumers to continue paying to play games on their mobile, when they’ll find a wide variety of titles for all ages at Since our launch, we’re seeing thousands of new consumers every day just say ‘no’ to paying for games.”

In addition to offering free mobile games on, Greystripe is also distributing them through its mobile Web site,, and through its catalog partner program. Alten8’s game genres and titles include:

While there are a growing number of gamers playing cell phone games, the mass market consumers that have no problem paying for ringtones or ringbacks are not yet flocking to pay for game downloads. The $5 to $6 charge for games has been a barrier of entry for many of these consumers.

Greystripe is entering into a new territory in the mobile gaming space at a time when the in-game advertising business in the PC and console space is booming. The fact that these 100 mobile games are free to download could be a good thing for the mobile gaming space as a whole, because gamers who download these games and enjoy the experience will be more inclined to try out other games, potentially even paying for games. With no "official" games like "Tetris" or "Frogger" in its collection, consumers will still have to turn to bigger game publishers and carriers to pay for these brands. But with mobile gaming, it's all about trial. As long as the free games are entertaining, this site can introduce the mass market to mobile gaming. And when something's free, it's usually not held up to as high a standard in a consumer's mind as if he or she had paid $5 or $6 for the game.

As in-game advertising is expected to grow ten-fold in the next five years, Greystripe is already scaling its content and technology by delivering full-screen ads, video formats and the ability to target consumers who are more likely to respond to promotions in their free time. According to M:Metrics, in 2005 there were approximately 55 million mobile game players in the U.S. alone. In-game advertising revenues are predicted to grow to $732 million by 2010, up from $56 million in 2005, according to Yankee Group.


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