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Alone_1 With the CTIA kicking off in Los Angeles, Vivendi Games Mobile announced that it has acquired San Mateo, CA-based mobile game developer Centerscore, maker of games like "Office Wrestling," "Amy's Hangman" and "Alone: The Horror Begins." The acquisition accelerates Vivendi Games' entry into the mobile games and entertainment space, which it entered last year. Centerscore also has the "Garfield" mobile game license, as well as titles like "Surviving High School," "Spin Blocks 360," and "Aquarium Pets."

Founded in 2000 by Miao and three of his friends from Stanford University, Centerscore is one of the most experienced and established mobile game developers in the U.S.  Vivendi Games Mobile will obtain the rights to Centerscore's portfolio of popular titles as well as games currently in development.   Oliver Miao, CEO of Centerscore, will continue in his current role leading the studio and will report to Paul Maglione, president, Vivendi Games Mobile.

"Centerscore's imaginative games have consistently been top sellers; and the diverse lineup of titles, particularly their excellent range of casual games, is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio," said Maglione.  "What we found most exceptional about Centerscore is the Company's ability to successfully build a team of designers, artists, developers and testers from the ground up, and to execute the creation and distribution of great games from under one roof."

Centerscore has received critical acclaim for its games, which is important in this overcrowded space, especially when launching original games rather than relying on established Hollywood brands. Although late to the mobile game, acquisitions like Centerscore will help Vivendi Mobile Games better catch up to game leaders like THQ Wireless and EA Mobile.


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