EA Slashes Current Gen Prices

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Maddenps2In an effort to make space for the upcoming slew of new current generation and next generation games, Electronic Arts has cut the price of about 20 game SKUs for PlayStation 2 and Xbox by $10. Games like "Madden NFL 07" for PS2 and Xbox were marked down from $50 to $40. Other games, including "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07," "NCAA Football 07," and "FIFA 07," are also now selling for $40. Other titles were launched at lower price points because of competition from 2K Sports, including "NHL 07" at $30 and "NBA Live 07" at $40.

The prices of the Xbox 360, GameCube, PSP, DS, and Game Boy Advance versions of "Madden NFL 07" remain untouched. And the next generation prices (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) versions of all of the reduced-priced games remains at $60. One exception is the "Hall of Fame Edition" of "Madden," which has been reduced from $70 to $60.

Price cuts are routine at this time of year as most of the industry floods the market with new titles. Last year, EA reduced the price of PS2 and Xbox "Madden NFL 06" several times before it hit a $30 price point in February.

While many of last year's early price cuts seemed to be coming from consumers angry at high-priced sequels, games like "Madden" have been outselling last year's versions at retail. Analyst PJ McNealy of American Technology Research predicted that several game publishers would cut the price of current generation titles before the busy November month.


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