Gametap Courts Independent Developers

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GametapTurner Broadcasting System's GameTap videogame broadband channel is courting independent videogame developers through its GameTap Original label. Through this new initiative, GameTap will continue what it started with the introduction of “Sam & Max” and “Myst Online: Uru Live” and partner with more independent developers and publishers to bring innovative new videogame titles to fans. 

The goal of GameTap Original is to identify talented creators and enable them to take a new approach to games by providing a publishing infrastructure where sell-through isn’t the sole metric for success.  Since GameTap gamers are already monthly subscribers, there is no additional cost to branching out and trying a new and exciting game.

“Gaming is a creative industry by nature, and GameTap is committed to supporting innovation on the PC platform,” said Ricardo Sanchez, GameTap’s vice president of content. “Video games are also becoming increasingly more expensive to develop, which is a hindrance to the pure creativity of the industry. GameTap Original will break down some of that barrier.”

With the digital distribution model rapidly gaining prominence in the video game industry, GameTap’s established broadband network is in a unique position to open the door for independent developers who are overshadowed in the high-stakes next-generation console environment.  Supporting its new GameTap Original label, GameTap will be the premiere sponsor of the 9th Annual Independent Games Festival, held in conjunction with the 2007 Game Developers Conference to celebrate the innovation and creativity of independent game developers.

GameTap is already working with multiple developers and is opening up the submission process to designers with creative and innovative game ideas.   “Sam & Max: Episode 1,” which launches today exclusively on GameTap, and the upcoming “Myst Online: Uru Live” are two examples of franchises that GameTap has co-published and helped bring back to life. 

In addition to being the new home for vanguard independent games, the GameTap Original stamp will identify soon to be announced episodic games based on renowned TV and film franchises.

“Licenses are the perfect vehicles for episodic game development because players already have a relationship established and can immediately start enjoying the experience,” said Sanchez. “We’re working now with a number of license holders and developers on new episodic series that are really going to excite gamers of all types, from hardcore to the casual.”

GameTap Original is interested in games from all genres and for all demographics. For those with an interesting game already developed, GameTap Original is evaluating titles for distribution on the network. For submission guidelines and more information, email:

GameTap gives subscribers unlimited access to more than 700 games at any time, along with over 600 original TV shows and videos that cater to fans of the video game lifestyle.


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