New 3D Gaming Platform Enables Faster Game Development

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Nokia A new gaming development platform from Ideaworks3D and Texas Instruments will allow game makers for mobile platforms, including next generation cell phones, to create 3D games quickly and efficiently. With the new gaming platform based on Ideaworks3D’s Airplay and Texas Instrument’s OMAP2430 processor, developers will be able to create games targeting a broad range of mobile handsets. The OMAP Gaming Platform allows developers and publishers to create a portfolio of mobile games tied to new handset releases with significantly reduced time and monetary investments.

The major obstacle to developing for current generation mobile devices is that as many as 700 versions of a single game need to be created. This new technology changes the current mobile gaming development process by allowing developers to create one game which runs on leading open operating systems, including Symbian OS, Linux and Windows Mobile.

“The case for next generation mobile games rests on the ability of our industry to provide integrated tools and platforms that help developers diffuse their content across the widest range of mobile phones, without sacrificing game performance along the way,” said Alex Caccia, CEO, Ideaworks3D. “By joining forces, TI and Ideaworks3D can now offer a fully integrated software and hardware environment that provides the optimal launch pad for tomorrow’s killer mobile games.”

TI's processor integrates advanced 3D graphics hardware acceleration enabling mobile game developers to extract new levels of performance and enhance the game-play experience.  The new OMAP Gaming Platform with Ideaworks3D allows developers to take full advantage of the powerful 3D graphics capabilities of the OMAP architectures for popular mobile operating systems.

“Mobile games are starting to emerge as a killer app with some analysts reporting as much as 66 percent revenue growth for the mobile gaming industry quarter over quarter,” said Richard Kerslake, worldwide general manager for TI’s 3G and OMAP processors business unit. “The OMAP Gaming Platform with Ideaworks3D demonstrates TI’s commitment to provide developers with powerful tools for creating content that unleashes the capabilities of the OMAP entertainment architecture, including cool games for consumers who want gaming on the go.”


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