New NPD Report Focuses on Game Purchasing

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Gameshelves While price plays an important role in a consumer’s final decision whether or not to purchase a PC and/or video game for themselves, it’s the type of game, word of mouth and of particular importance, being able to take a game for a “test drive” that are the most important factors, according to The NPD Group’s Games Purchase Drivers Report.

The report, the first of its kind from NPD, provides insight into what drives consumers to purchase PC and video games and the sources of information used and weighed when making purchase decisions.   It also looks at purchase drivers through the lens of NPD’s six gamer segments:  Heavy Gamers, Avid Console Gamers, Mass Market Gamers, Prefer Portable Gamers, Secondary Gamers and Infrequent Gamers. 

According to the report, other important sources of information when considering whether or not to purchase a game are advertisements, specifically, TV, magazine and online ads, word of mouth and Web sites.

Web sites such as gaming sites and game company sites are relevant sources of information, but they are less important when the consumer gets closer to making the actual purchase decision, when other factors such as being able to take the game for a “test drive” at an in-store location, online, or at a friend or relative’s house, matter much more.

While not the most important purchase decision influencer, price increases in importance when the purchaser is thinking about buying a game for someone other than themselves.  In fact, it is the top consideration when buying games for others, whether this person is a child or an adult.

The recipient’s request for the game, the game’s genre and the gift-giver thinking the recipient would like the game are additional factors that gift-givers take into consideration when purchasing a game.


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