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Civ2K Games is the latest game publisher to utilize Valve's Steam technology to digitally distribute PC games. The company announced that PC games "Sid Meier's Civilization IV," "Sid Meier's Civilization III," "Shattered Union," and "Sid Meier's Pirates!" will be available this week via Steam. In addition, future games will be distributed via Steam in the coming months. Valve, developer of the hit "Half-Life" franchise, has created the technology that allows for seamless download purchases of PC games for any publisher that wants to try it. This technology is especially good for older games, as shelf space at retail is small and older titles are often discarded in favor of new games. Steam allows consumers to buy any game and download it straight to their PC safely and securely.

Steam is the only full-featured broadband platform for the delivery and management of games and digital content, and has pioneered its broadband services to over 10 million customers with core and casual games from today's leading publishers and developers.

"With titles from legendary designer Sid Meier and 2K's world renowned developer, Firaxis Games, 2K is one of today's foremost publishers," said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. "Through this initial agreement with 2K, Steam's game library expands to include four great strategy games. We look forward to delivering more from 2K in the future."

2K Games develops and publishes front line PC, console and handheld entertainment software, with a strong presence in strategy, sports and high profile licensed titles. Paul Crockett, head of strategic sales and licensing, 2K Games, said Steam will allow the company to expand the reach of these games to a much larger audience.


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