Sony To Introduce New PS2, PSPs

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Psp_5Sony is holding its gala PlayStation 3 launch event and press conference today in San Francisco. According to videogame analyst P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research, Sony will announce a new limited edition PS2 that will ship this quarter, likely in the next few weeks. In addition, Sony is working on new PlayStation Portables. One will be a hard disk drive-equipped PSP, which will retail for $200 or above. The second is a PSP with no hard disk drive, but with a large amount of flash memory equipped. This one is expected to retail for less than $200. Both PSPs are expected to ship in Spring 2007.

On the PS3 front, Sony is bulking up its marketing at retailers like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Circuit City for the new console. There will be 15,000 PS3 kiosks at retailers in North America offering hands-on play beginning Black Friday. McNealy said these displays could include a Sony high-definition Bravia TV set.


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Henry Wood

I must say since the PS2 this is the best bit of engineering Sony has achieved... A wonderful handheld unit...

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