GSN Targets Consumers with Online Games

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OjGSN, which once aired videogame programming, has now ramped up its online casual games offerings. The channel formally known as the Game Show Network is going for extreme titles to catch the attention of consumers inundated with choices when it comes to free casual games. The first two games in its collection are "Throw the Book at O.J." and "Saddam Hussein's Hangman." The thought is that these outlandish titles will draw players to its Web site, which offers hundreds of games, including some that can be played along with their TV counterparts, and others that award cash prizes.

In Hangman game, players will follow the traditional rules of ‘hangman’ by clicking on letters to see if they are a part of the missing word or phrase.  As the real Hussein always does, the animated Saddam has a few choice words such as “Americans can’t spell” or “I laugh at your letters.”

“Throw the Book at O.J.” features an animated O.J. Simpson at a fictional book store where his book signing was cancelled. Players of the game throw books at a constantly moving Simpson target.  When Simpson is hit by the books, the user receives points as Simpson suffers bumps and bruises.  Simpson also goes after the player by spiraling footballs at them.  If Simpson is successful at striking the user with three footballs, the game is over.  Players can earn extra points if they intercept valuable cartoon items that fall out of Simpson’s jacket pockets: bundles of money, a trophy and a glove.

GSN began creating original content with other such topical Internet games as “So You Think You Can Drive Mel?” which referred to the celebrity scandal and “Foley’s Follies,” a game featuring the former Congressman animated trying to out-run Pages.  Also, premiering this month on GSN’s minigames site is a holiday game entitled “North Pole Hold’em” where users can play poker against Santa and his elves. There's also a Kim Jung II missile command game.


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