Joss Whedon's "Firefly" Enters MMO Space

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SerenityJoss Whedon't cult favorite TV show, "Firefly," which aired on Fox and then the Sci-Fi Channel before being turned into a feature film, "Serenity," by Universal Pictures, is now heading to the massively multiplayer online gaming space courtesy of Multiverse. The MMO game company, which has introduced technology to allow MMOs to be made for a fraction of their traditional cost, has struck a deal with Fox Licensing for the game rights. It was Fox that yanked the "Firefly" TV show after just 11 episodes. Ironically, show creator Joss Whedon is not currently part of this deal, although Multiverse is reaching out to him via his agent.

The actual game will be developed by an external game studio, which Multiverse has yet to pick. But because of its technology platform, the company expects the game will be out by 2008. That's good news to the legions of fans, called Browncoats, that have made the "Firefly" DVD a success and gave birth to the film. Unfortunately, the film failed to deliver the type of boc office to resurrect the show, but it did do enough to attract this game license.

"Firefly" differentiates itself from other sci-fi MMOs like "Star Trek Online, "Star Wars Galaxies," and "StarGate Worlds," because its universe is a blend of Western towns, rogue space pirates and Asian-influenced cities and Geishas. It's a truly unique universe with rich characters, which is why it's grown such a devoted group of fans.

The game will allow players to create their own characters and explore this world. Whether or not any of the original characters will make cameos is still up in the air. As is whether the show's creator, Joss Whedon, will sign on. If he does, expect this MMO to be successful. Because it was the stories that drove the show, not the special effects. It's a great universe to turn into an online game, as long as it's done right.


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This is pretty huge news. People were gutted when it got cancelled!

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