Red Sox Ace Curt Schilling Makes New Game Hires

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Curt_1Curt Schilling has won a couple of World Series, but on the crusp of retiring, the Boston Red Sox pitcher is busy looking ahead to his future in videogames. His game studio, Green Monster Games, which is dedicated to producing innovative massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), has hired a number of big names in the game industry. After signing contracts with "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane to oversee the fantasy game's art direction and fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore to write the story, Schilling has made key in-house hires. Scott Cuthbertson has been appointed Vice President of Creative Development.  Cuthbertson will oversee GMG’s internal creative design process, working closely with creative visionaries McFarlane and Salvatore to bring the game to life.

“Scott Cuthbertson has a proven track record of developing successful games with a global appeal.  Drawing such talent from a source like Disney brings something very special to our company.  Signing Scott to our team broadens GMG's capabilities as a game studio and raises the bar for creative contributions,” said Schilling, founder of the recently launched online game company based in Maynard, MA.

In his 15+ years of experience in production management and creative direction in the videogame industry, Cuthbertson has specialized in managing high-profile properties for the world's largest entertainment companies, including Disney, Warner Bros., Vivendi Universal, and Nintendo.  His credits include games based on such renowned properties as J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Lord of the Rings," Namco’s "Ridge Racer," Disney’s "Pirates of the Caribbean," and TSR/Wizards of the Coast’s "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons."   

“The vision of Green Monster Games is to build a company driven by creative ideas, a strong team dynamic, and a single-minded focus on pushing the boundaries,” said Cuthbertson.  “It’s a privilege to have been chosen to oversee the formation of the creative foundation of GMG, and I am quite frankly in awe of the team that is coming together from all corners of the creative world – whether it’s from videogames, film, novels, comics, toys, music... wherever.  This team is unified in its goal to craft an exceptional MMO gaming experience.”

Schilling also hired Billy Ahlswede as a Senior Character Artist.  Ahlswede comes from Sony Online Entertainment, where he worked on "Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom." Another SOE employee, Josh Singh joined GMG as a Senior Character Artist. Niraj Desai joined GMG as a Senior Animator. He also left SOE for Schilling's company. Former Hollywood environment artist Damarcus Holbrook joined the team after working with Electronic Arts and SOE.

Schilling told me its not a coincidence that many of his early hires are coming from SOE. He has spent the past seven years working closely with SOE learning about the games business. He's also an avide "EverQuest II" gamer and has worked with SOE on charity events and at promotional signings. Schilling will staff up to about 35 employees within six months and he expects to have 50 employees working on the game over the first year.


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