Praise Wii, Slam PS3: New Policy at Microsoft?

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Petermoore Peter Moore, VP for Microsoft’s Xbox, recently gave an interview to IGN in which he said there was nothing about the PS3 that he can look to for inspiration. This followed a rather gushing appraisal of Nintendo’s creativity (though he seemed to imply that this was the only way that Nintendo compete).


"The PS3, I really don't know what I would look at there that we're really missing. I look at the games and I feel really good at where we stand from a portfolio point of view. The online service, [Sony's] still trying to get it up to speed and there's nothing really there that I can really point to that I wish we had. You know, certainly the price point of the PS3 isn't something that I want to emulate. It's very difficult for me to point to anything there that I think we're missing right now."

This follows a very similar attack on the PS3 from Bill Gates at CES. The Xbox 360 was conceived with a mind to competition with the PS3, and they are clearly trying to position themselves as the winner of that battle.  Microsoft didn’t give much thought to Nintendo in the design phase, but then Wii came out and was surprisingly well-designed. So now Microsoft is clearly trying to keep the discussion framed as a two-way competition between Xbox 360 and PS3, with the Wii as a curious bystander.

Will this work? I’d be willing to guess that the press buys the flack. Then again, Microsoft just had to lower its sales forecast for the Xbox 360, so maybe not.


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