Driving through Paris with Nokia’s advergame

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Passanger Adfreek points to a very fun advergame today.  Nokia has created a driving game to promote its Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W.  In The Passenger, you get to drive a beautiful woman around the streets of Paris, using Nokia’s GPS device. 

While it’s not exactly Gran Turismo (or even Crusin’ USA, for that matter), it’s a very stylish game with a decent bit of plot to back it up.  The game highlight’s how Nokia’s hand-free device can make driving a more pleasurable experience (though the girl helps with that as well), and it really demonstrates how effective advergaming can be.

My only real complaint with the whole experience is that it is way too hard to crash the car.  I tried for at least 10 minutes this afternoon to cause a pile up in Paris, but just couldn’t pull it off. 


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