Gamers are already 'Buzzing' for Madden '08

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Madden_bears The sports video game market accounts for just about a quarter of the entire market, and if you look at this week’s Nielsen Interactive Buzz chart you can see why. It’s the Power of Madden.

On the list for the first time, and not scheduled for release until August, nearly a quarter of active players are buzzing about Madden ’08.  This is the highest Buzz score I’ve seen for a game, and it’s only the first week!

A recent study by SIG talked about the decline in the life-cycle of console games, and cited the Madden franchise as an example. For EA, this is a goldmine – gamers by the new version year-in-and-year-out, and they do so mostly within two months of the launch.

My best guess is that most of the gamers who are interested in Madden 08’s release in August picked up Madden 07 six months ago.

The game’s huge Buzz and huge sales numbers are rivaled by its huge marketing budget. John Gaudiosi has a nice write up of last year's efforts. It looks like I’m not the only one looking forward to National Madden Day 08


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One of the reasons the buzz is up is because game stores, at least here in New York, have put up signs telling people to reserve thier copies of Madden 08 now. Gamers see signs, go on internet talk about how excited they are for the latest iteration, et viola: buzz happens.


Good point, ChadsworthMcBillingsly. I think it's a combination of NIE starting to ask about the game in their survey, and stores gearing up for Madden '08. It's amazing how well-oiled the Madden machine is at this point... 6 months of promotion, 6 months of sales, year-in-and-year-out.


IIght i playe dmadden befor most of you guys where even born If they do not put the fantasy draft in the new one for the 360 im goin to go to easports and beat them over the head. Also they need to do the tippy toes on side line catches. Not just run out of bounds. since doin the tippy to catches is hard make it rare to catch but dont make them just run out of bounds. Another thing GANG tackling pleaseee for the 360 i know ps3 had it by y not 360 If gang tacking and fantasy draft is not in the game i will buy a copie go down to the makers and beat them over the head with it


I hope and pray that madden goes back to the official look the way it was displayed on the ps2 I love the intro but it sucks as a game. I was playing this back in the early 90's and as it grew so did I. I feel that they hit a brick wall when they displayed the 07 version I have the ps3 and I only play the ps2 version on this my ps3. So I hope that they change it back sincerely a true fan of the game.

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