Hecker's Nintendo Heckle

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Chris Hecker. Loudmouth. Lunatic. Pithy quote-giver.

In arguably the most talked-about speech of this year’s GDC, art-school-dropout-turned-programmer Chris Hecker offered some words of advice to Miyamoto and Nintendo: “Make a console that doesn’t suck ass.” He also chastized Nintendo for not treating games as an art form. Ooh, it burns!

I think this is a good time to take a look at Chris Hecker’s background, and why he might think that casual profanity and semi-ironic art posturing would make for a good game industry address. Is Hecker just mad because he realized that his forthcoming AI-heavy evolution title Spore is too demanding to run on the somewhat simple, but overwhelmingly popular Wii?

Or was this just an a publicity stunt to draw attention to Spore, as well as Hecker's pet cause of game industry unionization? Either way, it worked.


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