PS3 to Cure Cancer

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PackschThe PS3 is the most powerful console ever.  Some might say too powerful. This begs the question, “What to do with all that excess power?” 

“Cure Parkinson’s disease,” Sony said. 

Yesterday Sony announced that a software update will allow users to devote their console’s idle time to a Stanford University project that is searching for cures to cancer, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and mad cow disease.  The processors in the Playstation3 are about ten times faster than those in the average desktop computer, and this could be a big boon to researchers’ simulations.  Users will be able to join the “folding@home network” starting in March. 

Technologically, this will work like the distributed computing schemes that have searched for alien life, modeled climate change, and a vaccine for Avian Flu.  Sony and Stanford were discussing the project long before the PS3 was released, and I’m glad to see the partnership has come to fruition. 

Last year was the year of the console war.  This year looks to be the year of the online gaming platform war.  Nintendo can deliver AP news on a really cool map, but Sony can cure cancer.  What do you got Microsoft?  The meaning of life?


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It's good to see video games can help cancer patients.


Quite a nice story!

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