Wii have a problem in the UK

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Link When Sony ran into problems for its controversial ads for the PSP, I kind of, sort of, understood what the problem was. Race is probably not the best way to advertise the coming power of a white PSP, and even though I didn’t think Sony or TBWA, the ad firm behind the campaign, were intentionally being controversial, I could understand the controversy.

Nintendo is now running into a similar problem in the UK, only this time it is much, much more stoopider.

Seventeen people have complained about the violence shown in a Wii commericial that is currently airing there. The ad goes so far as to show Link using his sword in the new Zelda game.

The complainers say the cartoon Link and his cartoon sword are too close to the violence in Iraq to be shown on TV.


I very much hope this blows over and does not become the media sensation that the PSP ad controversy became. If not, well we’ll all be stoopider because of it.


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That is a rather insane "link" to make (i made a joke)! I do hope it blows over, some people are just too sensitive to be allowed outside.

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Maybe the wii ad is not suitable for young ages but as of the new trend most of the games are a bit violent to watch..

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