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Nokia Unveils New Mobile Gaming Info

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Nokia_1Nokia's Simon Etchells, head of marketing and games, has released a new white paper report that tracks the habits of mobile gamers. Nokia commissioned Nielsen Entertainment to conduct research in six countries worldwide through. one-hour interviews with 1,800 participants across China, Germany, India, Spain, Thailand and the United States. What researchers found is that mobile phone gamers frequently play videogames for an average of 28 minutes per session, value improved game graphics, prefer to trial games before buying, and find communities increasingly integral to their overall mobile gaming experience.

The mobile phone gamers surveyed frequently play mobile games with the vast majority (80%) playing at least once a week and 34% playing every day. The average length of a session is 28 minutes with India (39 minutes), United States (31 minutes) and Thailand (29 minutes) playing longer than average. Mobile phone games are played on the move (61%) almost as much as they are played at home (62%). Also, mobile phone gamers are making the most of their idle time with 56% preferring to play while waiting.

Almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents preferred the richer experience of Nokia's next generation mobile games offering over existing Java 2D and Java 3D games offerings, particularly following game trials. Good gameplay (83%), replayability (79%) and game genre (78%) are key motivators when considering which mobile games to purchase. Graphical quality (84%) and using the phone for other purposes while downloading (78%) were found to be the most important features when deciding to play Nokia's next generation mobile games.

If given the opportunity to trial a game before buying it, most (43%) would prefer to trial two to three games per week as opposed to only one (21%). Post-trial, the majority (65%) would prefer to pay for a full game outright rather than buy a subscription (27%). When it comes to getting games, over-the-internet (OTI) distribution (34%) is almost as popular as over-the-air (OTA) distribution (45%).

Worldwide gaming trends show that connecting people, either as teammates or as opponents, is becoming an increasingly important part of what consumers want from their mobile gaming experience. Globally, 45% play multiplayer games on their mobile phones at least once a month.

India tops with over half (56%) playing at least once a week and one in four playing everyday.
Not only do players want to defeat their foes, they also want to share game demos with their friends (62%). Additionally, a large majority (79%) would trial games sent by friends.

Nokia entered the videogame market a few years ago with N-Gage, a phone gaming device that failed to take off in the U.S. Next year, N-Gage will relaunch as a technology across all Nokia phones, bringing 3D next generation mobile games to consumers around the world.


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